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SRND 360

A Coincident Surround Microphone!

For recording directly to 5.0/5.1 and
6.0/6.1 surround systems.

Microphone Principle

The Milab SRND 360 is built around three matched DC196 rectangular capsules. These capsules are used as cardioids and placed at 120º to each other.

In a mono microphone, a double-membrane capsule can be used to
create an omni or a super-cardioid (as in figure). The list could go with for example a figure-of-eight.

By combining the signal from two adjacent cardioid capsules, a “virtual” output is created in-between them. Subtracting proper amount of the signal from the opposing real capsule would give this virtual output a cardioid pattern, which is identical to the “real” outputs.

The SRND 360 combines its three real capsules in different configurations to produce 6 individual cardioid outputs at 60º to each other. These outputs can be used in a wide variety of stereo, multichannel and surround formats.

SRND 360 Specifications:

Frequency response 20 - 20 000 Hz
Polar pattern 6x coincident cardioid at 60° spacing
Max. SPL ( 1 % THD at 1 kHz) 130 dB
Sensitivity at 1kHz 17,5 mV / Pa ± 1 dB
A-weighted noise level( IEC 179-A) 12 dB
Output impedance < 200 ohms
Minimum load impedance 1 kohm

System outputs

6x 3-pin XLR, pin 1: earth (Shield), pin 2: plus (Hot),
pin 3: minus (Cold)
Net weight 685 g
Lenght 120 mm
Diameter 60 mm
Control unit:
Net weight 845 g
Size 165mm x 55mm x 165mm
Frequency response (at 1m distance)


SRND 360 in PDF-format

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